Colombian Push Up Jeans for Wholesalers

Great Benefits for Wholesalers

  1. Special discounts for Wholesalers
  2. Sell the original Push up Jeans
  3. New designs every week
  4. Handmade process
  5. Personalized advice constantly
  6. Online and Whatsapp shop
  7. International Sales
17% Wholesalers17% Wholesalers


from 6 to 11 Jeans

e/u $31.4 USD shipping not included, restrictions apply
27% Wholesalers


from 12 to 29 Jeans

e/u $27.6 USD shipping not included, restrictions apply
30% Wholesalers


from 30 or more Jeans

e/u $26.5 USD shipping not included, restrictions apply

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Roger Bullon Eirl

Such an excellent brand, super trendy, the fabric cut is just perfect and the designs and quality are amazing. Plus, they offer an excellent customer service.


Ignacio Ortiz

All the purchase process from the very beginning to the payment and delivery to Aruba was just perfect, no problems at all. All the products came in excellent conditions and perfectly packed.


Maridelvys Garces
(Missouri - USA)

I have no physical store yet, but I simply sell in my free time to my friends and acquaintances. Thanks to the amazing Jeans you sell I have been increasing my income, I have no doubt of the quality.