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Jeans levanta cola Ref: ene2 93888

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Fecha de disponibilidad: 2019-10-08


Jeans medium waisted with butt-lift in Gray color, helps you to control these unwanted rolls, highlights your curves making you seem sexy and risky you will be the center of attention.

This pledge has the spirit of the Latin, risky and vibrant woman, use it in any occasion.

Details of the pledge: Silhouette fitted with push up effect, waistband three buttons with courts and detail of destroyed, decorated with drippings of painting in white and black tone, stone rain of diverse forms and sizes in black and golden. Rear pockets with courts, destroyed detail, ambientado with delicate drippings of white and black painting, set with golden inputs. Detail opposite with patches gilded with destroyed, ambientados with delicate painting drippings and mix of stones in diverse sizes and forms in golden and black color. It jumps skinny with completion in destroyed.

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